CT University develops Sanitizing Mat for shoes

Ludhiana: Robotics and Automation Lab of CT University has made a sanitizing mat that will spray-sanitize the shoes of the person. Satyam Gupta BCA 3rd semester student and Gurkirat Singh, Lab Technician, under the Guidance of Dr. Harmeet Singh, Project Head, Robonova developed this sanitizing mat.

The key features of the sanitizing mat are that it automatically flows the sanitizer to the sponge where user keeps the feet. Secondly, the moisture sensor will keep track of the overflow of the sanitizer in the standing area to save the overconsumption of the sanitizer and to avoid the shoes from getting over wet.

Dr. Harmeet singh added, “Now we are following three Ss for our Shoes in the University. We are placing three Mats in the entry area. The First mat is to Scrub the Shoes to remove all the dirt particles, then the second Mat is to Sanitize the shoes and the final mat is for Swipe of the shoes after the sanitizer applies on the sole of the shoes.”

Elaborating more, the team discussed that basically it focuses on the sole of the shoe. The microprocessor will activate the pump if the user stands on the first mat, so that the sponge will get wet and user can sanitize the sole of his shoes within three seconds. The moisture sensor will keep the sponge wet according to the predefined threshold.

Congratulating the team, Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor, said that during this Pandemic situation in the world, we all are taking many precautions like wearing masks, gloves, sanitizing hand after regular intervals of time and using Covid safety key and now this sanitizing shoe mat will be of another help in reducing the risk of virus spread.