Vet Varsity organizes National e-Brainstorming session for Dairy Farmers

Ludhiana: A National e-Brainstorming session on ‘Pre-Mid-Post Covid-19 Challenges of Dairy Farmers/ Entrepreneurs’ was organized by Department of Dairy Technology, College of Dairy Science and Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University , Ludhiana. This  session was a part of the RKVY Project entitled “Enhancing Profitability of Farmers through Value Addition and Entrepreneurship Development. It was organized under the leadership of Dr. J.P.S. Gill, Director of Research and Dr S.K.Uppal, Dean, College of Dairy Science and Technology.

Total 16 farmers from four states i.e. Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu and 09 Subject Matter Specialists from Punjab, Haryana, Bihar and Gujarat attended the session. The Session was started by Dr. S. Sivakumar, Head, Dairy Technology and Organizing Secretary with introductory address. The discussion sessions were coordinated by Co-Orgainzing Secretary Dr. Sunil Kumar and Rapporteurs Dr. Rekha Chawla and Venus Bansal. Dairy entrepreneurs/ farmers asked their quires related to milk products manufacturing, shelf life extension of milk products, e-portal sale, functional foods, etc. Dr. Atanu Jana from SMC College of Dairy Science, Anand (Gujarat), Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, SGIDT, BASU, Patna and experts from host institute answered the queries of the farmers and also highlighted and introduced new variants/ products in Covid-19 scenario. Dr. K. Ponnusamy from ICAR-NDRI, Karnal also clarified farmers queries related to creation of Self Help Groups (SHG). The discussion over the livestock management practices and nutrition strategies to avoid thermal shock was delivered by Dr. Sandeep Kaswan and Dr. Jaswinder Singh respectively. Venus Bansal presented the Vote-of-thanks to all the participants, officers and experts for making the event successful.