Now ‘play something’ on Netflix through Alexa

Washington [US], November 16 (ANI): Netflix has refined a one-button solution that picks something based on your tastes and starts playing it right away. It first called the feature Shuffle and eventually landed on Play Something.

As per The Verge, Netflix has now linked its automatic selector to Amazon’s voice-controlled AI and streaming hardware.

If you’re in the US or Canada, just say “Alexa, Play Something,” and if you have an Echo speaker or app listening in, plus a Fire TV device with Netflix activated, then it’ll work.

In a post mentioning the feature, Netflix director of marketing partnerships Magno Herran said, “We are excited to partner with Fire TV to bring the Alexa voice technology to the Netflix Play Something feature. Now you can instantly discover a show or film we know you’ll love based on what you’ve watched before.”

The feature could help to skip debating or scrolling through rows of titles at the start of each movie night.

Even though many other devices and services include voice control, like Google Assistant, Roku, or Comcast, it appears that only Amazon has the Play Something command linked at the moment despite battling Netflix with its Prime Video product.

The promotional materials mention it’s “available first on Fire TV,” so it is expected to be on other platforms eventually. (ANI)

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